Introduction: How to Make an Hologram Pyramid, Using the 4 Piece Method

Hologram Pyramids are neat, and quite easy to make, there are even a lot of Templates for you to cut and fold, on the Internet.

But if the Material can't be easily folded, as in the case of this one, on the Video, I made out of a CD's box lid, you need to cut away the 4 sides of the Pyramid.

So this is a way to cut those sides, and a very easy way, too.

As it is a pain to clearly see transparent parts on a photo, I use the drawing of these parts in paper,as drawing and then cutting with an x-acto knife is an easy task, no need to explain that part.

Step 1: What You Need

A ruler, a square, and a pencil or marker. Later, an X-acto knife, or any other way to cut it off

That's it!

Step 2: 2 Lines

Just draw two parallel lines, drawn apart with the height of the trapezoids, in this case, 3,5 Cm.

Step 3: The Start

I like to draw a line straight up, for the start of the drawing process,

Step 4: 3 Cm More

The next line up, is 3 Cm away, so as to mark the middle of the 6 Cm base, so we mark 0.5 Cm to the right and to the left, making the 1 Cm top of the Trapezoid.

Step 5: The First One

Now we have the first Trapezoid, we also have the measurements for the rest 3 ones, an easy 1 Cm on one side, 6 Cm on the other, alternating!

Step 6: Alternating Figures

One Trapezoid the right way up, another upside down, etc.

Step 7: 1, 2, 3, 4


Now, just cut and glue, and it will look and work like this, see the Video:

Step 8:

Here it is, working!

Oddly enough, if you want a ready-made one, shameless plug, you can find one at the right panel of my Blog, along with lotsa cool tips:

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