Introduction: How to Make an Individual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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One of the key recommendations of the World Health Organization is regular hand washing and disinfection.

In the shop, in transport, at work you can disinfect your hands with a bottle of antiseptic, but it is not always possible to get it out of your pocket or bag quickly. And there is always a risk that viruses will remain on the vial or the clothes that store the vial. As for the stationary hand sanitizer dispenser - they are not installed everywhere and you need to look for them.

Our hand sanitizer dispenser is designed to disinfect hands as quickly and conveniently as possible, so that a person can disinfect their hands after each touch of potentially virus-contaminated surfaces, thus reducing the chances of virus transfer and infection.

The individual hand sanitizer dispenser is not a panacea for the virus, but rather another additional "line of defense" to slow down the spread of the virus. Its use does not override other physician recommendations for coronavirus prevention.

When designing the device, we tried to make its assembly as simple as possible. The device consists of easily accessible parts. Approximate assembly time of the device is only 15-20 minutes.

Step 1: Parts

A) - Xiaomi mi band 2 Strap Belt Silicone(In this case FitMaster2)

B) - Binder clip, size - 19mm(0.75 inch) 1pc. and binder clip, size - 32mm(1.25 inches) 1pc.

C) - Silicone Air Tubing for Aquarium, length 1 meter, diameter (internal 4mm./ external 6mm.)

D) - 2 Connectors, connect standard Air Tubing for Aquarium

E) - Check Valve for Air Tubing for Aquarium

F) - Empty plastic bottle 200ml with cap

G) - Sport Armband

H) - Aluminum Oval Crimp Sleeve 4mm.

Step 2: Tools

A) - Vise

B) - Drill

C) - Glue gun

D) - Electric Engraver

E) - Metal Drill Bit 5.5mm

F) - Knife, pliers, needle file, protective eyewear. Do not forget about safety precautions!

Step 3: Bracelet Assembly.

In binder clip size - 19mm(0.75 inch), drill a 5.5mm diameter hole in the center.

Step 4:

With the help of an engraver and a milling cutter, in the center of the bracelet on the side center we do a 4x10mm through slot.

Step 5:

We do a similar through slot on the opposite side of the bracelet.

Step 6:

Saw the aluminium bushing with a diameter of 4 mm into two parts. We'll only need one of the two halves. We make a clamp out of it to increase the compression force of the tube. We blunt the sharp edges with a needle file.

Step 7:

Push the silicone tube through the first side slot in the bracelet.

Step 8:

Push the silicone tube through the hole in the binder clip. Push half an aluminium sleeve into the binder clip.

Step 9:

Then we pass the silicone tube through the second through slot in the bracelet.

Step 10:

To increase the length of the handle (lever), remove the upper handle(binder clip 19mm) and replace it with a handle from the binder clip 32mm.

Step 11:

Remove the lower handle (adjacent to the hand) and fasten the binder clip inside the bracelet with a glue gun. This should keep the upper part of the binder clip fully mobile.

Bracelet ready.

Step 12: Assembly of the Tank:

Drill 2 5.5mm holes in the cover.

Step 13:

Measure and cut the silicone tube of the right length (from shoulder to wrist). Also cut off two pieces of silicone tube, one for the check valve and one for the air inlet into the vessel (so that no vacuum is generated in the vessel).

Step 14:

Insert silicone tubes into the cover and fix them there with plastic connectors.

Step 15:

Install the check valve so that it allows air to flow in the direction of the cover.

Step 16:

Pour antiseptic into the bottle. Insert the bottle into the Sport Armband.

Individual hand sanitizer dispenser ready to go.

Step 17: Put On

Step 18: Using

When you press the knob, the antiseptic comes through the tube.