Introduction: How to Make an Inner Tube Bracelet With Interchangeable Colors

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We like to use materials that are normally thrown away to make jewelry. This time we decided to use the inner tube of a bicycle tire. And to change colors we used different coffee pods. We hope you like the Instructable.
Materials you need to make this bracelet: Used and cleaned Nespresso coffee pods, cleaned inner tube of a bike, silver colored chain extender, 2 silver colored ribbon pinch crimps (13 mm), silver colored lobster clasp, silver colored jump rings 5 mm, scissors, cutting pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers. If you like the Instructable, please vote for us :-)

Step 1: Watch This Video

As a first step you can watch the video explaining how to make this bracelet

Step 2: Cut the Inner Tube

Cut a piece of inner tube, we used about 8 inch. Wash with soap and water. Cut three pieces of about 0.3 inch in width. Use the silver colored ribbon pinch crimp to attach the 3 pieces on one side.

Step 3: Braid the Inner Tube

Now braid the 3 pieces of inner tube and use another pinch crimp to attach the other side. Now attach a chain extender and lobster claps and the inner tube bracelet is done.

Step 4: Make Your Interchangeable Pieces

To add some color to the inner tube bracelet, flatten a coffee pod. Fold it around a marker. Hereafter fold it around your bracelet. If you want to change color, you can just repeat this step with another coffee pod and take off the old one.

We hope you like our Instructable.

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