Introduction: How to Make an LED Witcher Medallion

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The Witcher 3 is probably my favorite game of all time and to celebrate it's upcoming DLC, I figured I'd make a Witcher inspired project!

Geralt's wolf medallion glows red near magic and so will yours!

This project is easy and quick to make! It's cheap too, as long as you have some standard tools!

Step 1: Video

Watch this video instead of the written tutorial, or use it to see the steps performed while following along!

Step 2: Supplies


Witcher Medallion

Coin Cell Battery

Coin Cell Battery Holder

220 ohm Resistor

3mm Red LEDs

Heat Shrink Tubing


Drill with 9/64 Drill Bit

Hot Glue Gun

Soldering Tools


Step 3: Circuit

This is the circuit we will be adding to the medallion.

Step 4: Soldering the Resistor

Take the resistor and cut one of the leads down to 1 cm. Then bend it at a 90 degree angle.

Bend the outside pins on the battery holder outwards and the middle pin down. View the pictures to help understand.

Tin both the middle pin of the battery holder and the short lead of the resistor. Then solder the two together and cover the resistor and joint with heat shrink tubing.

Step 5: Bend LED Leads

Take the longer lead of an LED and bend 2/3 of it outward. Take the last third of it and bend it back straight. After that, bend the shorter lead outward. Look to the pictures for a better idea of how it should look. Repeat for the other LED.

Step 6: Solder the LEDs

Tin the long lead of an LED and an outer pin on the battery holder. Solder the two together and then repeat on the other side.

When finished, test with the battery to make sure it works.

Step 7: Finish the Electronics

Twist the 3 loose leads and solder them together. Cut down the leads a bit and cover the joint with heat shrink tubing.

Step 8: Finish Assembly

Drill out the eye holes and glue the electronics into the back of the Witcher medallion. Glue around the electronics to secure it in place.

Step 9: Add the Battery!

Add the battery and your medallion is finished! I wanted to add a switch, but I was limited on real estate. The coin cell holder makes it easy to remove the battery though. That way you don't waste any power!