Introduction: How to Make an Ocean-plait Mat

To make an ocean-plait mat you will need:

  • About 8.2m of rope with roughly a 10mm diameter
  • A needle
  • Thread the same / a similar colour to your rope
  • A knife (preferably a hot knife but it doesn't matter too much) to cut the rope

Step 1:

Tie an overhand knot near to one of the ends of your rope.

Make the loops bigger as shown in the picture.

Add twists to the loops twisting from the bottom to the top of the loop.

Cross the two loops over each other (top loop over the bottom loop).

Step 2:

Thread the short end of the rope back through the loops as shown (under, over, over, under).

Thread the long end of the rope back through the loops (over, under, over, under, over).

Step 3:

Thread the long end of the rope back around through where the short tail exits the knot.

Follow the path of the rope until you have a doubled up knot.

Step 4:

Now you have the knot doubled up, keep going round the knot following the path of the rope so you have the knot tripled up.

Repeat a final time until there are 4 ropes side by side going around the knot.

Step 5:

You now have a completed knot, however it still has the 2 tails hanging out the side.

To make the knot neater you can cut off the tails using a knife and then use a needle and thread to secure them to the knot.

Congratulations, you now have a completed ocean-plait mat!

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