Office Neighbor Shield With Arduino

Introduction: Office Neighbor Shield With Arduino

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In the following Instructable, we'll show you how to make an Arduino-controlled office neighbor shield.

This project is a bit different from what we've done so far, since you need to make the stand and the handle for the screen.

In the video you can see how we made it, but it's really something that you can put together from scraps you have lying around in your workshop.

We hope you enjoy the project :)

Step 1: Planning the Circuit

For this circuit you'll need:

1. Rotary Potentiometer

2. Arduino Uno

3. 12V Wall adapter

4. Stepper motor

You are welcome to visit and choose the components you'll need, as seen in the screenshot above. Download the folder you received in your email from (if you don't see the email, check your "promotions" inbox).

Step 2: Connect the Circuit

Once you have all the components and the schematic, you can get to work.

1. Click on the "Start Here" link in the email you got from Circuito for a step-by-step guide that will show you how to assemble your circuit.

2. Unzip the zip folder you got in the same email. It contains the Fritzing file and the firmware file for the code.

Step 3: Build the Screen Holder

We took a simple screen, like the ones you can get in Ikea and made the screen holder out of an aluminum profile. You can be creative here and make a different holder with scraps you have in your workshop.

Basically, you will need to measure the length of your curtain, cut and bend the profile accordingly and drill holes in it for the stepper. For the handle we used a simple aluminum pipe and 3D printed the handle.

Step 4: Upload the Code to Your Arduino

1. Open the Firmware folder

2. Open the Firmware.ino file (if you don't have Arduino installed, you can download it here for free and make a small donation if you'd like)

3. Copy the new code in the attached file, and replace the original code.

4. Upload the code, and test to see that it works. You may need to make adjustments if you build the screen holder differently than what we did.

Step 5: You're Done!

We would love to see how your project turned out.

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    4 years ago

    Great project, well done.

    Now, if only those screens were sound and smell proof...