Introduction: How to Make an Origami Rose

I show how to make a fairly easy origami rose, there are only a few difficult parts. I would say it is of intermediate difficulty. All you need is a square piece of paper, in any color you want. The dimensions of the paper I used in the post and video were 21.5cm x 21.5cm for the large rose and 6cm x 6cm for the small one this fits inside the large rose. These can make a great romantic gift for a partner or friend and is perfect for any situation that would require roses. You can use colored paper to make any color or origami rose you want. There are many different versions of an origami rose but I like this one because it looks pretty good and can be made pretty quickly after some practice.


Origami paper:

Step 1: Instructions

This video shows the entire process that is outlined below.

Step 2:

- Start with a square piece of paper.

- Fold in half diagonally, and then diagonally from the other corners.

Step 3:

- Fold in half.

- Fold in half from the other side.

Step 4:

- Fold the corner with the fold down to the centerline creating two flaps.

- Do the same to the other side.

Step 5:

- Flip over.

- Touch the point of the triangle to the bottom of the centerline but don’t fold.

- Make a fold mark at the center.

- Touch the point to the mark just made and make another mark.

- Fold the tip to this mark and crease it well.

Step 6:

- Unfold the paper.

- The previous fold made a small square in the center of the paper.

- Fold a corner up until you see the small square and make a pinch fold.

- Then make a fold to the right of the center and leave the left unfolded.

Step 7:

- Unfold.

- Repeat this on all sides.

- Mountain fold the small center square so it pops up.

- Fold in half diagonally and push the center square in.

Step 8:

- There should be two small flaps, one will fold to the left and one to the right.

- Fold the crease lines on the top.

- Open the paper and lie it flat.

Step 9:

- Flip over.

- Loosen the folds shown, this helps when they will be bent.

- Fold the edge up to the spot like shown.

- Make sure the other parts of the paper are bent down while the fold is made.

- Fold the other sides in the same way.

Step 10:

- Now push the sides into each other.

- The center should twist and you can wrap the flaps around it making a cylinder shape.

Step 11:

- Flip over.

- You can straighten up the folds.

- Open one of the flaps and fold like shown.

- Now fold at the crease line made earlier and fold this bit behind the flap.

- Do the same to the other three flaps.

Step 12:

- Push the flaps coming out of the tube down, you want them to interlock.

- If you want a shorter rose push them in further.

- The last flap should go under the first.

- You can press around the flaps to make them stay in place better.

Step 13:

- The folding is done, now the rose needs to be shaped.

- You can use a pen to do this.

- Give the center spiral more curve and press the center down a little.

- For the petals open the side flaps as shown.

- Depending on what you prefer, you can make the rose more open or less open.

- It may take some practice to get a good looking rose.

Step 14:

- You can also make a small rose to fit inside a larger one to give it a more realistic look.

- The smaller rose is made in the same way.

- The dimensions of the paper I used for the large rose are (21.5cm x 21.5cm) and the small rose to fit inside was (6.5cm x 6.5cm).

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