Introduction: How to Make an Asian Inspired Noodle Soup for $2.50

My dollar store, Dollarama, has a wide variety food section.
Alot of the basic staples of the north american diet, and some of an asian diet, can now be found there for much cheaper than they original offer in a grocery store.

Okay, so the noodles are actually rice stick/vermicelli noodles. But they taste alot better.

Step 1: The Required

The required:

Can of Chunk Tuna($1 a can)
2 Shrimp Bouillon Stock Cubes($1 a box of 6, 17 cents a portion)
Rice Stick / Vermicelli noodles($1 a pack, can be divded into 6 small portions, roughly 17 cents a portion(2), and a portion goes a long way)
Dried Mushrooms(7 small mushrooms from a large bag of dried shitake mushrooms that costs $5, equals about 10 cents)
Green Onions(one green onion from a bundle of 10 that costs $1, is 10 cents)
Egg(1 egg of 12 that costs 3$ a carton, is 25cents).

Except for the optional mushrooms, onion and egg; the rest can be found in my dollar stores food section.

Average cost $2.09, plus water and cost to boil it for 15 minutes.

Step 2: The Boil

Combine water, bouillon, egg, mushrooms and tuna into the pot and bring it to a boil for 10 minutes.

Add your noodles and boil 5 more minutes to finish hard boiling the egg.
NOTE: If your using fresh chicken eggs, boil it separately or wash it really well first for obvious contamination reasons. That being said, im not responsible if you contract some disease.

Vermicelli cooks rather quickly, not even a minute in a proper boil. So if you don't want an egg, just wait till the noodles are limp and look 'glassey', about a minute.

Step 3: Egg Slicing

Remove the pot from the burner.
Fish out the egg and run cold water over it till the egg is cold enough to at least hold if not colder.
Peel the egg, slice into portions and put it back into the pot.

Step 4: Soups Up

Go ahead and serve it up.
As I've cooked it in this portion size of noodles, it serves 2 very hungry people.
If you serve it over rice(preferably sticky rice), it can easily stretch to serve 4 or even 6 people.

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