Introduction: How to Make an Electric Lapsteel for a High School Physics Class

So this is my very first Instructable I did a lot of research for this project an it got me an A++ on my high school senior Physics project an I'm so proud i'm showing this to the whole internet. Pay attention.

Step 1: Visualize

So here's the starting line. a basis average everyday chunk of wood. i got a 2'' by 10'' by 8' board from lowe's an those kind people cut it for me. Tried to get as little knots as possible but usiing such cheap wood (no such fortune.

Step 2: Plan-erize

I myself am a intricate planner so I used graph paper to sketch out the design of the body. my head stock designed changed as It was in popular opinion that it looked mid-eval.(thanks dad)

Step 3: Materialize

These part are easy enough to find * tuning keys from ebay $6.99 *Pickup from ebay $5.99 * small peices of metal $ free-ninety-nine from shop ( i'm in an auto collision repair technology @ school).

Step 4: More Plan-erizing

New headstock, planning out whre the part are going to go.

Step 5: Cut-erize

The first cut is deepest and most difficult when daddy is using a jig saw for the coutures and a, Circular Saw for the neck width!!!!!

Step 6: Conture-alize

A few very opinionated family members thought I thought should make it a little shorter. Dad cut the curves  out with a jig-sawI sand with a electric sander for about an hour to smoooth it out.

Step 7: Filler-ize

I uesd quite a bit of wood filler for the conture of the back first = timer's saw mistakes

Step 8:

more wood filler (that's daddy I don't like the texture of wood filler)

Step 9:

Primered the surface( just to see what it looked like to be honest) we still had more to do to the body

Step 10:

Start cutting holes for hardware

Step 11:

Carefully cut holes for hardware cut into th e back. the holes are the width of the volume and tone control knobs and DO NOT GO ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE WOOD TO THE OTHERSIDE, it stops about a 1/4 inch shy of the other side depending on the hard ware you get you'll need to map out where you want you knobs and pickup to go. also you'll want to drill through the side enough to connect the out put from the outside of the lap steel to the tunnels in the center the body.

Step 12:

Painted with white enamal paint I might change my mind and repaint it in a few weeks

Step 13:

Cut out peices that i used for fretboard, pickup mount, and strings board.

Step 14:

toothpicks painted silver for fret markers

Step 15:

All parts painted any ready to go on

Step 16: Finally the Finished Product

Step 17: Ta-da!!!!!!!!!!!!!