Introduction: How to Make Gigantic Kite

Make a Huge Kite with less than $100 dollars budget
I am an artist and as part of my installation for the day of the dead , I decided to make a Huge Kite with paper, pvc strings , glue and lots of Good ideas.
My kite is 10 feet Height and 10 feet width

Step 1: Materials

1- List of Materials that I use
glue ( art paste works better)
tissue paper
containers ( better if it recycle )
duck tape

Step 2: Lets Get Hands On.

I am making a 10 feet Kite, so I need a wide paper, ( could it find it )
so I clue rolls of papers , cut the paper at least 1 feet extra of what you need
let it dry

Step 3: Make the Frame

to make the Frame ( the structure )
I use PVC tubes , any hardware store has them , I got the .5 inch total of 4 units of 10 feet long
and I also bought 2 'T" ( see pictures)
I cut them in half each tube.
put them together and make a "X"
then place the 2 "x" over the paper so you can cut the shape . Leave at least 6 inches from the end of the pvc

Step 4: Ok Lets Go On

Now find a flat, no nails wall , and add plastic to the wall or tarps , ( Just in Case)
once you cut the shape of the Kite I staple the paper to the wall, If you have large floor are, you can just work on the floor , ( I use the wall because my wife complain about the rugs)

Step 5: Paper / Color Time

now is time for glue the paper to the paper base
You can use any color , is best if you add 2 sheets of papers at once.
first add glue then place the paper over the glued area.

Step 6: Next / Add More Paper

when you finish covering all the paper ( base ) with tissue paper.
is time to add your designs,
at this point is up to you taste, how you want to design your kite

I like Geometrical shapes , so I cut a whole bunch of triangles of direfferent colors

let the glue dry then keep adding your designs

Step 7: Time to Get the Chills

when you finish gluing your designs
put down to the floor,
and flip over the paper
put together the frame
tight up the center of the frames with string
then begin to add string to the ends of the pvc tubes
I use duck tape to keep the string in place

I start gluing the edges of the kite
by adding glue and folding the paper ( remember, to leave extra space when you cut the shape of the kite)

Step 8: Almost Finish

so all the side of kite should be glue and look like the picture

now lets add some cool decorations, cut strings of paper and glue them on the back of kite
see pictures
now is up to you ... to go crazy

Step 9: Is Finish Now What?

ok, all is finish.
to fly this baby You will need:
minimum 5 strong people
lots of strong string,
and do not forget a large Tail.

I am using my Kite in an art show ( that I am organizing)
so I will not be able to test my Creation for a while.
if you make one and fly it Let me know

for more about this art show visit my site
and email me your feed backs.

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