How to Make the Best Chocolate Milk You'll Ever Taste!

Introduction: How to Make the Best Chocolate Milk You'll Ever Taste!

Here's an recipe which I came up with myself!
This is literally the best chocolate milk you will ever taste. It's just like iced coffee!
It may seem like a bit of a silly thing to do an Instructable about, but it really is amazing!

Step 1: What You'll Need!

Now, this is pretty simple. I'll list in order the most important ingredient to the least (even thought they're all important!)

1. Half & Half (if you don't have this it won't taste as good)
2. Milk (whole, 2%, it doesn't matter)
3. Cocoa powder or chocolate syrup, either one works just as well!
4. Cinnamon Sugar (this is my secret ingredient, shhhhh!)

And of course, you'll need a cup, and a straw if you want!

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Now, time to start making!

If you're using cocoa powder, go ahead and pour two tablespoons of it in the cup.

Pour your milk into a cup. Fill the cup about halfway or so.
Now, take your Half & Half and fill the cup the rest of the way! (Just don't fill it to the brim, it might spill!)
Now, if you're using chocolate syrup, go ahead and put two tablespoons of that in there.
Now stir the chocolate, milk, and Half & Half together.
Once it has turned a light brown, sprinkle as much cinnamon sugar in there as you like!
Stir again until you can't see the cinnamon sugar.

Step 3: Voila!

You're chocolate milk is done! Add a straw and enjoy!

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