Introduction: How to Make the Best Hamburger.

By: Cole Cooper

I will be setting up a “How To” to show readers how to prepare “The Perfect Hamburger”. I am striving to cover everything it takes step by step to complete the task. I chose this topic because I enjoy cooking and I enjoy eating even more. Not to mention I can make a great hamburger. I hope you all enjoy this and maybe even learn something. Above is a picture that contains everything necessary to complete this project.

Step 1: Marinate and Season the Ground Beef (see Figure 1).

Figure 1:

Step 2: Shape Meat Into Hamburger Patty (see Figure 2).

Figure 2:

Step 3: Put Charcoal in the Grill (see Figure 3).

Figure 3:

Step 4: Light the Charcoal With the Lighter (see Figure 4).

Figure 4:

Step 5: Place Hamburger Patties on Grill Above the Grey Colored Charcoal (see Figure 5).

Figure 5:

Step 6: Put the Hamburgers Over the Direct Heat for 2 Minutes (see Figure 6).

Figure 6:

Step 7: Flip the Burgers, Allowing the Other Side to Cook for 2 Minutes (see Figure 7).

Figure 7:

Step 8: Remove Hamburgers From Direct Heat Until It Is Finished Cooking (see Figure 8).

Figure 8:

Step 9: Remove the Burgers From the Grill, So They Will Not Burn (see Figure 9).

Figure 9:

Step 10: Use a Small Shovel to Remove the Left-over Ashes From the Grill (see Figure 10).

Figure 10:

Step 11: Finished Product (see Figure 11)

Figure 11: