Introduction: How to Make the Best Power Strip

How To Make The Best Power Strip - Lightning Protection - Noise Suppression - Absorb Surges

Step 1: Intro

Hello my friends. Maybe you know the Power strip is quite famous ISOBAR 6 ULTRA 6-Outlet Isobar Surge Suppressor. Today I’ll share with you how to make a best Power strip with the most reasonable cost.

In the process of writing a review of the PSU, I found that
the Transient Filtering in the good power supplies was quite similar to the ISOBAR 6 ULTRA. As lightning protection, noise suppression, absorb surges ...

Step 2: Option 1

Option 1: The simplest way is at the beginning of the clip.

You just need to find an old power supply units - PSU and get its Transient Filtering. The Transient Filtering circuit will always end in the diode bridge. You will remove the diode bridge, weld the wire from the AC symbol on the removed diode bridge and attach it to your power strip.

Step 3: Option 2

Option 2: Option 2 is for you to find some computer power supplies that are not good enough. Because of a bad PSU, they will lack some components in the Transient Filtering circuit. Which most basic Metal Oxide Varistor - MOV is lacking. So we will need more computer resources, to have the necessary components and circuit design at the end of the clip. I have illustrated pretty clearly with image. The missing components such as MOV, capacitors you will easily find in the old electronics such as TV, computer screen ... Or you can buy them on AliExpress for very cheap price.

Step 4: Test and Finish the Best Power Strip Made by You

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