Introduction: How to Make the Card-Case

I made a card case of leather. I challenged leathercraft for the first time.I want to make it a lot in future!!

Step 1: Paint Leather With Oil

Leather becomes strong when I paint with oil.Let's paint thoroughly!

Step 2: Cut Leather

I cut it on the basis of a gauge. I am straight sharp when I use the ruler.

Step 3: Ready in All Materials

I was able to prepare all materials in this.

Step 4: Make Holes In

I make a hole in a part to sew.

Step 5: To Wax Thread

I sew it with a thread painted with with wax.

Step 6: To Sew It

I sew it. It takes time, but I do my best and sew it.

Step 7: Congratulations!

It is completion!