Introduction: How to Make the Penrose Triangle in SketchUp

Here is an example of the finished product. You will need: A copy of Sketch Up installed on your computer (Or the online version Found Here:

Step 1: Delete This Guy.

The first thing you should do when making a Sketch Up file, is to delete the guy standing there. You know you had to do it to em.

Step 2: Make the First Line

When you draw a line, it has a color. Either Red, blue, or green. That color tells you which axis the line is on. Red is x axis, Blue is y axis, and Green is z axis. Use the Pencil tool show above to draw a line. To keep things simple, start on the origin (where all three line intersect) and draw a line 4 inches up. In order to change the length of things, type the distance before clicking. You will notice that the amount appears in the box in the lower right hand corner. You do not need to press the box to dimension it.

Step 3: Finish the Rectangle

Use the pencil tool to click on the endpoint of your first line. Make it 4 inches as well. Then, continue to make lines to create a rectangle where each sign is 4 inches long. If you make a mistake, remember to use the shortcut Ctrl+Z to go back a step.

Step 4: Make the Bottom

Use the Push/Pull tool shown above. Click on the rectangle and pull it 16 inches along the green (x)-axis. If you cannot click inside the rectangle, then you didn't connect the lines correctly. Try again from the first step. It helps to move around the model using the tools Pan and Orbit. If you are using a mouse, hold down the scroll button to orbit and also hold shift to Pan.

Step 5: Create the Markers for Later On

Select the Pencil tool. Move the mouse along the top of the long side of the rectangle until you see a blue dot. That is midpoint. Draw a line from one side to the other on this midpoint. Then, do the same in the two sides of the line you just created to divide the rectangle into fourths. If you have difficulty making the lines, Click on the tool that looks like a tape measure and on the pop up menu, select the tool with the "3" on it called dimensions. Then, you could add a dimension to any two points and check easily.

Step 6: Pull It Real Good

Use the pull tool to select the square you created that is farthest from the origin. Pull it 12 inches up on the blue (y)-axis.

Step 7: Spin Me Right 'round

Turn the model to look like the picture above. Then make Horizontal lines on the face that's facing you like you did before. Make sure there is exactly four inches between each line. Lastly, Pull the top of the "L" up four more inches.

Step 8: The Last Leg

Pull the up-most square made in the last step 12 inches (1 foot). Add more reference lines 4 inches apart.

Step 9: That Leg Is Way to Flat, You Need to Cut It!

On the cube closest to you that you just made, make a line from the bottom right to top left side. Use the push tool to push the new triangle all the way back until the shape is blue with black dots. Stop clicking and the cube should be missing the triangle

Step 10: All Around Me Are Familiar Colors...

Delete all the dimensions and reference lines you made before. Click on the paint bucket (paint) tool and color the whole object your favorite color. On the pop-up menu, the Home symbol is colors already chosen. Use the magnifying glass symbol to look through all colors and materials.

Step 11: Revelawesome

Turn the Model to look just like the picture (pretty Convincing right?). Remember to save your model as something you will remember.