Introduction: How to Make the Perfect Spinner... and Much More

hello everyone, this is my first instructable so please show mercy.

Today I will be guiding you on how to make a cad drawing of a spinner in fusion 360 and 3d printing it. I will also be showing the posabilities of cnc milling your spinner.

what you need:
- computer that can run fusion 360
-3d printer

optional, if you take it this far:
- cnc mill
- traditional mill
- engine lathe

Step 1: 2d Cad Prt. 1

to make your drawing I recommend fusion 360 or solid works but it's your spinner choose whatever you want. one your in the cad program of your choice, start with a circle and make it whatever the outer diamiter of your bearing is, you could use a dial caliper or if you buy them online the site should tell you what it is. then we will make one of the arms. start by making another circle at your desired length and and use the circle pattern, click the second circle and use the center of the firs circle as the pivot point. Then you can make the amount of arms you want your spinner to have.

Step 2: 2d Cad Prt. 2

now you need to connect two of the arms together in whatever shape you want, I made somthing extreamly easy but you can go with something more uniqe to make the spinner yours. now we will use the same circle patern function on all the lines connecting the two arms and using the center circle as the pivot point. you need to imput the same amount of arms that you have.

Step 3: 3d Cad

here we will make the spinner 3d. use the extrusion tool and click all the area where you would like material to be. then you can input the correct hight, this will be the bearing hight. I also added a bevel to the outside for smooth edges. then bam your done.

Step 4: 3d Printing

now you can export as an stl. file and import to your slicer of choice and print it.

Im not including the example I made because its really lame so I added some others that i made in fusion using the same skills in this instructable. you could stop here, but you can go much farther. if you have the skills and the tools you can go much farther!

Step 5: The Possibilities

at this point you are done, but the possibilities go far beyond 3d printing. at my school we have a brand new cnc mill that we have been making simple spinners on. do not do this if you don't know what your doing, you can get seriously hurt or killed with this equipment. our teacher is the only one that knows how to use the cnc mill so he makes them then we cut them out on traditional mills. That means this is not an instructable on how to use a cnc mill. just showing the posabilities.

Step 6: