How to Manage Your Socks (Socks Manager)

Introduction: How to Manage Your Socks (Socks Manager)

Have you ever gone through the time when you had one sock in your hand and kept searching for the other….? This instructable will put the end to all such woes in a green manner as it uses old card boards.

This instructable is for you…!!

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I would be explaining a practical solution to manage socks that can be placed in your almirahs and dockets instantly and doesn’t require any design changes in your existing wardrobes.

The aim is to build a partitioned areas such that only one pair of socks can be rolled and placed there and whole box can be placed in the drawer or inside almirah.

It will also help you recycle some cardboard and put it to good use.

Tools & Materials Required

1. One cardboard sheet

2. One cardboard or plastic box

3. Scissors

4. Ruler

5. Fevicol

Step 1: Choose a Box

Choose a hollow box preferably made up of plastic or cardboard. It would be better if it is open from the top.

Step 2: Making Partitions

Taking the cardboard sheet and making partitions.

The partitions will consist of one piece of cardboard stretching along the length of the box and several smaller pieces stretching across the breadth.

The partitions that we are going to make will be placed inside the box. Hence, it is important that you take the dimensions of the box before proceeding further.

So, cut one piece whose length is equal to length of the box. The one that is being used here is very thin and may not be able to support partitions. So I have folded it along the length.

Cut several small pieces whose length will be equal to breadth of the box.

Step 3: Fixing Partitions

We shall be fixing the partitions using the groove support mechanism.

Make reference marks on the long cardboard sheet and cut halfway through them as shown in figure. Fix the partitions using the groove support mechanism.

For the smaller sheets, cut them from the middle for some part of the length.

Now insert the smaller sheets through the groove.

Use some fevicol or any adhesive to further strengthen the joints.

Step 4: Arranging the Socks

Put the arrangement in the box. Use some adhesive at

the corners so that the frame is fixed with the box. And put each pair of them in each compartment.

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