How to Measure AC Voltage Using Multimeter

Introduction: How to Measure AC Voltage Using Multimeter

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Those who are beginners in electronics, this question often comes in their mind: 'How should I use a multimeter?'

Well, we have something for you.

We have started video tutorial series on 'How to use multimeter' in our channel 'Being Engineers' and in this video, we will show you 'How to safely measure AC voltages using multimeter'.

You will get an introductory video of this multimeter whose link is given in the description of this video.

Step 1: Take Precautions!

We have used Mastech MAS830L Digital Multimeter. If you don't have it, please buy one from market near you or order it online from eBay or which ever site you prefer. I got this from market.

You must take the following precautions:

1. NEVER touch the probe tips

2. Always try to put the probe in correct position

3. Put the regulator in the correct position before taking any reading

Step 2: Put the Probe in Correct Position

First, set the multimeter in the range where V~ is written and point it at 600

Step 3: Put the Common (black) Probe

Then you will have to put the common probe in the common terminal

Step 4: This Step Is Very Important!

Now, you must be careful in which terminal you are connecting red probe. Since you are measuring voltage, connect it to VΩmA. If you connect it to 10ADC, then say RIP to your appliance.

Step 5: Connect to AC Mains

Watch out for Ground and Live wire! Then connect black probe to one of the LIVE wire and red probe to the other LIVE wire! (Check the video)

We got a reading of 226V.

If you want to hold this reading, press hold button. (Marked as circle in the above image)

Step 6: Time for Removing the Probes

You have safely and successfully measured the AC voltage!

Now when you want to remove the probes, first remove the red one and then the black one.

So do it in the presence of an adult (or your teachers) if you are nervous, wear rubber shoes and gloves for extra safety.

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    4 years ago

    it has also been suggested that you apply the probes to the work piece black (common) first then red, and remove them red, then black. Think: "Black first on , last off"