Introduction: How to Make Your Own 3D Printed Cookie Cutters

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Since I got my first 3D printer my mom all the time ask me to print something like decorations or fixes of something that broke in a house. One of her ideas last year was to print a cookie cutter for Christmas. So I design 3 cookie cutters and we made very original and cool cookie cutters. That was a year ago, I didn't post those cookie cutter anywhere online so here they are, old ones and new ones that I designed this year. I will also show you (or at least try to show you because I am not a good teacher) how you can design your very own cookie cutters based on the image. If you prefer watching a video instead of reading you can check it out above or if you are in app here is the link:

links to the 3D models can be found in the steps below. Keep in mind I wouldn't focus on how to make cookies, I am technician I have no idea how to cook :)

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Are you read? let's put a santa clause hat on and start making it!

Step 1: What We Will Need?

We need to know how to make cookies, for some people that might be the most difficult part (it definitely was for me). Of course you can find a lot of great recipes right here on Instructables. You can also buy some ready dough.
We will also need a 3D printer, if you don't have one don't worry, ask at school or at a library, maybe they have one. If not you can also buy one, nowadays 3D printers are not really that expensive and you can get a really good printer for about $200.

Here is a link to the printer that I am using for basically every project nowadays (I updated this section in 2021).

You will also need some filament to print the cookie cutters. PETG is the best choice for any printed thing that will have contact with the food. Here is a good filament for a decent price, it's not perfect and you can find some better filaments, but it's good enough for most things.

Step 2: Download 3D Models/STL Files

If you just want to download my cookie cutters and print them, here you can do it below you can find links to all of them on thingiverse. If you don't want to design your own cookie cutters you can end reading here :) If you want to know how to design your own cookie cutters keep reading there are just few more steps ;)

Step 3: What You Will Need to Design Your Own Cookie Cutters?

Just one software - Fusion360 the best CAD for everything. If you are a student you can download it for free. You probably heard a lot about this software so I just want to say if you want to design things for 3D printing there is no better software than this one.

Step 4: Find an Image

Firstly you have to find an image that you want to make cookie cutter from. Just type in Google what you want and check clip art to find the easiest to make images. Also don't forget to choose the right license.

Step 5: Import Image to Fusion360

When you have an image on your drive you can import it to Fusion360 by clicking import on the top and the cnava. Choose the image that you want to import and plane that you want to put it on.

Step 6: Trace the Line Around Your Object With Spline

With spline tool we trace a line around our object. Spline tool is awesome and it easily adjust to the shape of an object like magic

Step 7: Create Outline of the Line That We Just Made

By clicking on the line that we just made and hitting O on the keyboard we can create an outline of the line. We have to set it to 0.8mm that's double of the 3D printer nozzle size (2 perimeters). If you have different nozzle size, you should change that to double of your nozzle size. You should do the same for all of the other line that have to cut a cookie.

Step 8: Extrude the Cutting Wall

Select all the parts of the wall that will cut the cookie and extrude it by clicking E on the keyboard. 15 mm should be ok but you can put right there your own number.

Step 9: Extrude Embossing Parts

Select all of the other parts that should only embose things on the cookie, not cut. Best height for this parts is 14.2 mm so that's 0.8 mm less than the cutting wall. It will perfectly embose things on the cookie but wouldn't cut it.

Step 10: Add Some Supports for Our Bodies

As you can see mouth, eyes and nose of snowman is separete from the main body, we should add few lines to connect it and make it possible to print that. Check out the difference on the images above.

Step 11: Join Everything

The last thing that we have to do is to select all of the bodies and click combine. Make sure that join is selected and hit ok. Now our bodies are connected into one body and we can easily print this cookie cutter.

Step 12: Conclusion

As you can see making your own cookie cutter is not hard at all, it's even very simple and effects are great! If don't want to design your own check out links to my cookie cutters. Don't forget to hit that like button and leave a comment :)

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Merry Christmas everybody!