How to Mod Your X360 in Certain Ways.

Introduction: How to Mod Your X360 in Certain Ways.

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Step 1: You Will Need,

To be able to move the packages and have the right process, you need

-A USB Flash drive

-Horizon (Modding/package handling software)

-An X360. You can also use an X1, but this instructable is specifically designed for the X360.

Step 2: Adapting and Adding.

You should know what files you want to mod, or want to put on your console.

Plug your USB Device into your console, whilst you're on the dashboard, and go to...

System Settings>Storage

Hover over your device, appearing in the columns, press Y. Select configure device.

Now, go to the location of the files you want to mod, unless you want to add files to your device, from your PC. In that case, go to the next step.

and select them, then select move, then move them to your device.

Now you can safely unplug your device,

Step 3: Modding or Adding.

Plug your USB device into the USB Drive on your PC, and open Horizon.

And, your device should appear. If not. you have done the last step wrong.

Now, if you,

-Want to mod files,

then select the files, and open them up into "packages". There will be a big label named "Mod" if there is a blue ellipses on the box, it is moddable in the program. if its not, try ellipse and see if your game is there.

-Want to add files,

simply move the file by dragging and dropping so open the package. Then select, change profile and select yours. If it is not there, click the nearest button and select your profile as a favourite. then save, rehash, and resign the package. Then select, "Save to device".

Then you are done!

Modding is harder than you expect, unless you're using a program coded for beginners. I personally use coding to edit the files.

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