Introduction: How to Mod the NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster to Be Wrist-mounted

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I'm back! Sorry, no combination lock today, but that should be next. Anyways, my brother got me a NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike blaster for Christmas, and I decided to modify it to be wrist-mounted!

Step 1: Disassembling and Cutting

Take all of the screws out

Take all of the parts out of the shell

Cut between the two Sharpie marks on the back of the shell, the lower part of the shell, the trigger, and the spring lock

Step 2: Creating the Back

Glue four of the pieces together with wood glue and wait a day

Glue the other piece in so that the larger pieces fit into the groove and the new piece is touching the trigger stop (see photos) then wait one day.

Screw in the spring lock right at the corner (Closer than me)

Step 3: Reassembly

Should be simple enough if you follow the pictures

Don't forget to put the screws back in

Step 4: Attaching the Back and Spring

Drill holes where the Sharpie marks are (to keep pressure on the nails, drill until the bit has almost gone through and then push the nails the rest of the way through.

Tear off two half-meter strips of Duct Tape and fold them in two, then fold another piece around them (You can also just use a small belt or some fabric)

Fold the pieces around the back section equally, and tape them in place

Fold the ends of the duct tape, and stick a nail through the Duct Tape and holes in the gun

Take the nails out and attach the spring to the back

Reattach the back

Cut a small triangle in the back, leaving a small strip above the triangle

Try to cock the gun. If you can't, or it is difficult, trim the corners of the spring rod.

Step 5: Wrist-mounting and Touch Ups

Make or use two elastic bands about the size of your wrist and lower arm near to the elbow

Attach the smaller band at the front, and the larger band at the back

Shave down the nails


Trim the trigger stop, drill a hole in the trigger, tie a string to the trigger hole, screw in a eye screw, thread the string through, and attach a ring big enough to fit over your thumb. Make sure the string is the right size for you or your way of wearing the gun (Last photos). This allows you to fire with your thumb instead of your other hand

Create a pouch or attach a elastic to carry extra ammo

Wear the gun however you want

Step 6: Coming Soon...

Combination lock

Remote-controlled Iron Hide Chimera transformer