Introduction: How to Modernise Your Cattle Prod

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Pull the Prod apart and solder red and black wires to the battery contacts .Make sure you get the polarity right . Red positive Black Negative . The old batteries are marked for you.

Get 4 18650 Lithium Ion cells . laptops use them and power packs etc. 4.2V maximum .

Cut a piece of copper wire and solder across the top of two cells. Repeat it for the other two cells.

Cut a piece of copper wire and solder across the bottom of the other two cells So the cells are in series.

Now you need to connect the two in series to make 8.4V max so run a wire from the negative to the positive of your two packs .

Then on the top solder the positive red wire . Solder the negative to the bottom .check the switch is working properly ,you will hear a buzz and if you get it close to a metal piece it will spark.

I found that you cannot get the black backing cap back on as the cells extend out too far . Take a pair of pliers and undo the threaded screws then using an 8 guage 2inch stainless screw with the old knurled nuts you can fix it back in the same plastic holes.

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