Introduction: How to Modify a Nerf Bullet/Dart

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I know this looks exactly like a stefan dart, and it pretty much is. But it came from a nerf dart, this instructable is very simple and im sure that other people have already thought of this but i thought i should make one. i guess this instructable is for people in australia becuase it is very hard to get foam backer rod here i dunno why but it just is. i tried making my own stefans but i got the wrong foam and they melted together. Alright lets do it!!

Step 1: Getting the Materials and Rools

there is a very small amount of things to get, and if u dont have them then you can get them for really cheap:

1.Hot glue and Hot glue Gun  (should be $16 for a small low temp gun)
2.A bunch or Nerf darts (or just one if you are experimenting)
3.A small packet of size 0 fishing weights (mine was $2.50) or a pack of BBs (since im in australia i cant get them)


and thats it, very simple

Step 2: Easy Step 1: Tip

plug in your hot glu gun and wait to heat up, while it is heating pull the orange (or black/blue) tip off the nerf dart, you should be easily able to do it by hand, just dont rip it.

Step 3: Easy Step 2: Glue It

Once the Gun has heated up put a very small bit into the top of the nerf dart so that the weight can sit on it and will be flush with the edge. Then straight away put the weight in so that it can stick to the glue. nice and snug. after that get the hot glue and put a small dome on top (im not very careful so it looks messy)

Step 4: Easy Optional Step 3: Make the Stand

for a stand you get the card board and push them through and sit the dart over it to dry. you dont have to do this step, but if your making heaps then it would bve a good idea.

my normal darts can shoot about 16 metres with my modded nitefinder, but my modded ones can go 20 metres

im not exactly sure, but they could also probably go into clips as streamline darts.

if u like it pls make some and post pictures in the comment

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