Introduction: How to Modify a Normal LPG Stove to Run on Biogas

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I have posted an instructable on How to construct a Medium sized Biogas Plant during September 2014. Since then I have received so many queries regarding non-availability of Biogas Stove. As the demand for Biogas stoves is very less, stores do not stock them. So it is very difficult Biogas stoves in big cities.

However, you can use a normal LPG stove to run on Biogas with simple modifications.

In this instructable, I will explain how to modify a normal LPG stove to run on Biogas

Step 1: LPG Stove Versus Biogas Stove

You will not find much difference if you look at both LPG Stove and Biogas Stove normally.

But if you look closer you can see that the burner holes in the Biogas stove are much larger than the LPG stove.The Biogas burner holes are between 3 to 6 mm based on the type of stove and pressure required

The Biogas Burner I am showing here has 3 mm holes in it.

Likewise, the Biogas Nozzle holes are also larger than the LPG Nozzle which are about 2.25 mm in size

In the following steps we will see how to modify a LPG Stove for Biogas

Step 2: Remove the Nozzle

First takeout the burner and stand from the stove and turn it over

Unscrew the wing nut and take out the Gas flow pipe

Now unscrew and remove the Nozzle. That's all

You can control the pressure and required amount of gas with the Gas control knob provided.

Step 3: The Burner

  • First check with your existing burner with Biogas after removing the nozzle.
  • If it is burning properly, then leave it as it is
  • Otherwise search for burner of same diameter. Burners are of different sizes. So take your LPG burner when searching. In our place, there are hardware stores fabricating and selling local-made stoves. I am lucky enough to get one from the shop like this
  • If you can buy a burner from local store, then it is ok
  • Otherwise take your burner to a workshop and expand alternating holes to 3 mm size

Step 4: Connect Pipeline to Biogas

  • Once you did the modifications, Connect Biogas pipe line to your stove and check
  • your stove should run on biogas properly.

Here, I have modified a Single Burner LPG stove to run on biogas which you can see in the pictures above

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