Introduction: How to Multiplex

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Today I am going to show you how to multiplex without any drivers or ICs, just a nano, 5 transistors and resistors.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

I have explained in detail over there. Not only have I explained how to multiplex, but also it's basics and the arduino code!

Step 2: Build the Matrix! and Connect It to the Arduino!

Mine is a 5 x 7 LED Matrix. Be sure to solder all LEDs in the same direction and don't forget to connect the cathodes in a row together and anodes in a column together. If you want you can solder female headers aswell to make it easier to work with. Next connect it to the arduino as told in the video with the transistors and necessary resistors.

Step 3: Get the Arduino Code!

I have explained the code in detail in my video. You can download it from here as well.

Step 4: Have FUN!

That's it! You have understood multiplexing and now are ready to make some awesome things on your own!

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