Introduction: How to Multiply Your Spider Plants

The Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, is possibly the most popular house plant. They are good at purifying the air in your home and they are very easy to maintain. The purpose of this instructable is to teach you how to make more spider plants from your starter plant.

Step 1: Finding the Baby Spiders

If you have had a spider plant you will already know that periodically the plant will send down stems with little plants, or spiders on them. If you look closely you can see that there are roots starting to develop on some of these baby spiders. Carefully hold the baby spider plant and separate it from the stem being sure not to break the roots off of it.

Step 2: Option #1: Starting the Baby in Water.

You can take the baby plant and set the roots in a cup of water for a week or two so the roots may grow bigger. I use a blank CD to keep the whole plant from falling into the cup. Be sure to check the water every couple days, if the plant goes dry for too long it may die.

Step 3: Option #2: Starting the Plant in Dirt Immediately.

 If you have a plant that is already going and you want to thicken up the growth in the pot you might just want to add the baby to it right away. In that case just dig a little hole and plant it in. After you finish planting it remember to water the plant right away. If you want to start a totally new plant use a small pot, a 2 inch pot would be plenty big to start one. Just use your best judgement in the proper size.

Step 4: Spider Plant Care

Spider plants are very easy to care for. Make sure that they have enough sun and water and they will be fine. If you are not sure if they need water just stick your finger in the soil, if it is dry water it, if it is moist leave it alone. Occasionally the leaves will turn brown and die off, this is normal. Just pull off the dead material or snip it off with a scissor and the plant will look good again. If you have any questions of comments please leave one below or send me a message, I will gladly try to help you out.