How to Name Large Shapes

Introduction: How to Name Large Shapes

In this Instructables, I will be teaching you how to name shapes with a lot of sides. I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Step 1: How Many Sides Does Your Shape Have?

To name your shape you will need to find out how many sides it has. In this shape, I counted 18 sides.

Step 2: If You Shape Has 20 or Under Sides, Do This.

If your shape has 20 or under sides, this is what you call them.

    1. henagon

    2. digon

    3. trigon/triangle

    4. tetragon/quadrilateral

    5. pentagon

    6. hexagon

    7. heptagon

    8. octagon

    9. enneagon

    10. decagon

    11. undecagon

    12. dodecagon

    13. triskaidecagon

    14. tetragecagon

    15. pentadecagon

    16. hexadecagon

    17. heptagecagon

    18. octadecagon

    19. nonadecagon

    20. icosagon

    Step 3: If Your Shape Has 21-99 Shapes, Do This.

    Shapes 21+ follow a different pattern from 20 - 1. They go as follows; (tens)kai(ones)gon. So, a 32 sided shape would be a triacontakaidigon.

    for the ones place it goes as follows;

    1 - hena

    2 - di

    3 - tri

    4 - tetra

    5 - penta

    6 - hexa

    7 - hepta

    8- octa

    9 - nona

    and for the tens it goes as follows;

    10 - deca

    20 - icosi

    30 - triaconta

    40 - tetraconta

    50 - pentaconta

    60 - hexaconta

    70 - heptaconta

    80 - octaconta

    90 - nonaconta

    Step 4: If Your Number Has Over 99 Sides

    If your number has over 99 sides then you have to find what 100's it is. For example, 600 is 6 because it is 6 100s. Once you have that number you want to then put that in front of hecta. for example, 600 is hexahecta because hexa is 6 and hecta is 100. you then follow the same rule as before, just adding in the hundreds place (hundreds)hecta(tens)kai(ones)gon. so, an 834 sided shape is a octahectatriacontakaitetragon.

    Step 5: If Your Shape Has Over 999 Sides

    For this, you want to follow the same instructions for the previous step in finding what 1000 it is or what 10000 it is and so forth. you can follow the rule listed below.

    (billions)giga(hundred million)hectamega(ten million)mega(million)mega(hundred thousand but you make it into its 10 form)myria(ten thousand but it is in its single form)myria(thousand)chilia(hundred)hecta(ten)kai(one)gon.

    this means that a shape with 1,234,567,891 sides would be a henagigadihectamegatrimegatetramegapentacontamyriahexamyriaheptachiliaoctahectanonakaihenagon.

    Step 6: And Now Your Done

    simple, right?

    (and by the way, the shape I counted earlier is an octadecagon)

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