Introduction: How to Nap on a College Campus

Does school exhaust you? Do you wish you could just lay down on campus and take a nap? Well you can. Follow these six easy steps you will be napping in no time.

Step 1: Chose Proper Location

Location is key for a great nap. First scout out the buildings on campus. Venture into new buildings because the prime location for naps maybe in an unfamiliar building. 

Pick an area out of the way:
1. Under Benches
2. Under Cabinets
3. Under Stairways
4. Couches

Do not pick an area:
5. By a Door Way
6. In a Narrow Hallway
7. With Bright Lighting

Step 2: Limit Noise

Campus can be noisy, especially in-between classes.

To limit the noise:
--Use Earplugs
--Use Ears Buds (music optional)

Step 3: Decrese Visibility

To avoid potential embarrassment from being recognized by friends, co-workers, employers, or professors you will need a hood. A hoodie is a great option or a coat for colder days. Wearing the hood up allows you to hide your face from passers-by. The hood also blocks out light from the room. 

Step 4: Secure Belongings

You will less likely be disturbed if you secure all your belongings in your book bag or pockets. Do not leave anything in open sight. Make sure all zippers are at the bottom of your book-bag for maximum protection.

Step 5: Create Proper Body Position

The body position while you sleep is key for decreased visibility and increased belonging protection.

First, sleep on your side.

Second, always sleep facing the wall. This allows you to hide your face completely and block out light. 

Finally, to protect your belongings, sleep in the fetal position. (Bend your knees toward your chest.)
--Place book bag between knees and chest securing in place.
--Face pockets against wall.
--Place arm through shoulder straps. 

Step 6: Take Nap

With your belongings secured, visibility decreased, and the noise limited you are now ready to enjoy your campus nap.