How to Nude Fuller Lips

Introduction: How to Nude Fuller Lips

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If you want to create the illusion of bigger lips with no surgery, follow this how-to on how to get fuller pouty look.

What you will need:

nude lip liner

nude matte lipstick

nude matte liquid lipstick

nude lip gloss and a lip brush

I'm starting off with scrubbed natural lips with no products on.

Step 1: Start Outlining

To ensure that my lips are evenly colored, apply a light layer of foundation on your lip to cover up any discoloration.

My lower lips are already looks fuller so i will be giving more priority to my top lips to look fuller. Start in the center of your lips, Mark the center of your lover lip and draw your cupids bow slightly above your natural outline of the lips.

Step 2: Finishing Outline..

draw the outline on the corners of your lips slightly above the natural lip line. connect the lip line at the center, if you have an uneven lip, you can fix it using the lip liner at this point. once i have completely outlined my lips, i have marked few lines across my lips, this acts as a contour to your lips to make it look more fuller and plump.

Step 3: Lipstick Application..

Fill in your lips using the matte lipstick, following with the matte liquid lipstick.

Step 4: Gloss..

carefully concentrate the lip gloss in the middle of your lips. Applying lip gloss accentuates your lips and brings them extra body and fullness.

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