Introduction: How to Ollie on Skis

Here's an easy to follow tutorial on how to ollie on skis! Please watch the video first!

Step 1: Preperation

Learning to ollie with skis is fairly easy and straightforward. All you are going to need is of course some skis and a hill. It is also really helpful to have another small hill to go over to help propel you into the air. You can use this small hill as sort of a jump. As you can also see in the video, I use another plastic jump to help. To preform the actual ollie, put your feet about shoulder width apart and crouch to get ready. When you are ready, spring back getting the tips of the skis off the ground. By this point you will be already half way in the air with just the very back tips of your skis touching the ground.

Step 2: Jumping

To get your entire body into the air you must then immediately lean forward and tuck your body. When your'e ready to land, put your legs back out and crouch to take the impact of hitting the ground. That's it!

Step 3: Watch the Video!