How to Open a Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Modify

Introduction: How to Open a Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Modify

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How to ?

Tools required

1. Screw driver set

Modding requirements

1. Carbon fiber vinyl

2. Scissors ( Should have flawless working )

3. Blade ( Use a new one for smooth finishes )

4. Good workplace with enough light ( I usually work on my iron stand :p )

5. Patience ( Must or things get messy )

6. A small box ( to place screws and all the small parts that u take off from your component )

Step 1: ​Opening Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Opening Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming keyboard

Place the keyboard upside down and un screw all the screws . G710+ doesn't have any hidden screws all will be visible at the bottom of the keyboard. Make sure you put all those screws in the box # Modding requirements #6

· Now G710+ has multiple clips that hold it together nice and tight so even after removing all screws it will not come apart right away.

· I usually insert my nail between the 2 surfaces to come apart, to find clips position. Just insert the nail and slide it along the border once, you will have a nice idea where the clips are present. I use nail because it doesn't scratch the surfaces and u can feel the pressure once u get near a clip.

· After finding the clips positions ( i have shown in pics too to save some of your time ). Use your nail ( i use thumb one ) with the keyboard lying upside down insert it in ( thumb belly facing up ) near the clip position one by one and twist it outwards. You will hear a small click and the clip will open.

· It has pretty weak clips shown by green circles in pic so be careful if you hear a lil louder click u have broken your clip :P

· Now the clips near your arrow keys area really PITA but they are strong ones too after removing all of the clips at the border i pulled the frame near the arrow keys ( takes some force ) and the frame was free. Make sure to un-plug the sound drum wire ( talking about the wire in red circle in PIC # 6 )

· Now to remove the shiny part from the grey part ( see pics for reference what i am talking about ) Place the frame upside down. You will clearly see the clips that hold these 2 parts together and also some small melted pillars.

· Those pillars hold the 2 parts aligned and then they are melted to give a firm joint and also to make them settle perfectly across all their length.

· I used a blade to cut all those melted pillar head and then un-clipping the 2 parts apart.

· Did the same thing for that orange part of the keyboard.

Step 2: ​Now the Carbon Fibering

Now the carbon fibering

  • Make sure you cut the vinyl a lil extra then required just to be on the safe side.
  • Some people use PVC cards and stuff like that to apply carbon fiber i use my palm never had any issue with that.
  • Just peel one edge of the vinyl and start applying it from one side to the other.
  • After applying use your finger to make sure that its applied good enough across all the parts / edges.
  • Use a sharp blade to cut the excess ( place the blade at a 10-15 degree angle with the surface and just swipe it across and get a smooth neat cut )

Step 3: ​Spray Painting

Spray Painting

  • Not a fan of the glossy.shiny spray paint finish but matt paints are really hard to find. However here are the tips for spray painting
  • Clean the surface thoroughly and spray outside.
  • Dnt spray in direct sunlight.
  • Shake the can well before spraying 1-2 min. Its must.
  • Maintain 0.7-1 foot distance from the surface to be painted.
  • Spray in rhythm like the car wipers move. Spray as much thin layers as u can.
  • Wait 5-8 min after every coat.

Step 4: Clean

In the end just clean with a damp cloth

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