Introduction: How to Open a Mobile Dell Charger

Dell is a Multi-Million dolar company that basicly build alot of our day to day eletronic device, like Laptops, Laptops Chargers, Mobile Chargers and so on.
But today I will be focussing on the Mobile Charger , sometimes your Dell Charger might fall and get bad or their is something wrong with it, and your decide to fix it.
You might encounter a problem of even opening the charger casing to fix it, so to day I will be giving you guys some helping tips on how to open that beautiful charger of yours.


All you basically just need is your charger and an Heat Gun, or any source of heat.

Step 1: Clean Up

Clean up you charger if dusty, and let begin.

Step 2: Apply Heat

Apply heat using a Heat Gun or the heat surce to the top of the charger close to the plug in terminal, for just 3 or 5 seconds and pull the two portion apart.

Step 3: And We Are Done

and after that pull the charger apart and check for problems and fix your beautiful Dell Charger.
Thanks for Reading...