Introduction: How to Open a Port on an Arris Sbg6700-ac

Opening a port in a router can server a number of purposes. Having an open port can allow you to host your own game server to play with your friends or allow you to host your own web/file server. The router being used in these instructions is the Arris SBG6700-AC so the router interface may be different depending on your own router. Following these steps will allow you to open a port on your router.

Step 1: Open the Start Menu and Type CMD and Press Enter.

Step 2: Type Ipconfig and Press Enter

Step 3: Under Etherenet Adapter Local Area Connection, Find the Default Gateway and IPv4 Address

Write down or save the default gateway and IPv4 address as they will be used in future steps.

Step 4: Open Any Web Browser of Your Choosing and Type the Default Gateway Into the Address Bar and Press Enter

Step 5: Enter the Username and Password to Access the Router.

The default username is admin

The default password is password

Step 6: Mouse Over Advanced and Click Port Forwarding

Step 7: Enter the IPv4 Address From Step 3 in the Local IP Address Box

Step 8: Type the Starting and Ending Ports You Would Like to Open on Your Network/router

Step 9: Type a Description for the Port/s You Are Opening

The description is used as a way for yourself to identify why this ports are open and for what purpose they hold.

Step 10: Choose Both in the Protocol Drop Down Box

Step 11: Choose on in the Enabled Drop Down Box and Click Apply

After finishing this step you will have successfully opened a port on your router. Thank you for reading my instructions and I hope these helped.