Introduction: How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel: Tips From MusicPromoToday

When artists think of YouTube, they often think of its magic power; its stardom producing potential. It’s as if a voice gently whispers ‘become a superstar overnight by merely uploading your video,” every time they type in YouTube.

Although the chances of stardom via such measure is scarce, YouTube does present a large potential for gain, if used correctly that is. Anthony Katz, a music marketing expert with more than 13 years of music promotion experience, as well as a co-founder at MusicPromoToday has compiled a list of tips and measures for artists to plan and implement their YouTube strategy to increase their visibility, reach audiences, grow their followers and fan base.

Step 1: Step 1: a Music Channel Optimized to Perfection

As with any other page or channel, it all begins with a proper and appealing presentation. Developing your YouTube channel is a one time deal, thus it is highly recommended that you have a professional design for your channel.

Spice it up with unique artworks of your singles, mixtapes, or the brand image. Make it attractive, engaging and appealing for visitors. For an artist, your image comes right along your talent. Today, to get ahead and noticed, a brand image is just as critical as your music. The quality of your music video, without further detail, has to be high and professional.

Furthermore, make a note to select the channel type “musician” when creating your profile; this may be a small detail, but they don’t say “devil is in the detail” for no reason.

Step 2: Step 2: Link, Link, Link!

Step 2 is more details! Other details you need to meticulously pay attention to include linking. Link, link, and link your YouTube channel to your other websites and social media accounts.

By directing audiences from targeted sites and networks to your YouTube channel, you increase not only your efficiency, but the number of views, likes, followers, and fans. Every time you upload a teaser, trailer, single, or any other video on any outlet, make sure that in the video description you include links to your YouTube channel and video; you can also link Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

Step 3: Step 3: Unique Descriptions

A note on the descriptions. Every description needs to be unique and personal. This is a detail that will increase engagement with your fans. The descriptions should encourage conversation with the viewers and fans. The conversation, of course, needs to be a two-way road.

Step 4: Step 4: Talk to Your Fans

Make sure you reply to your fans’ comments, thus strengthening your relationship and developing loyal followers. It truly comes down to communication; communication with your fans. All your actions on YouTube should be communicated with audiences and fans via other channels, including social media outlets.

Every time you update a cover photo or artwork – which should be done regularly, – every time you post a trailer of an upcoming music video, and every time you release a music video, you need to communicate with your fans, sometimes weeks and months in advance, constantly reminding them of your presence, works, and music. You can also communicate with your fans using hashtags. While this may be obvious, it is often underutilized. Tweet constantly regarding your works, use strategic hashtags, and drive traffic to your YouTube Channel.

Another powerful form of communication with fans is a video response. Stay connected with fans and express your appreciation of their support through a video shout out; you will see the impact immediately. So, here you have it. Simple, yet packed tips of to-does to grow your YouTube Channel and, with it, your follower base and brand as an artist.

Remember, strong, professional, and appealing visuals, matter; linking and directing traffic to your YouTube Channel is critical; and above all, communicating with your fans will all increase your visibility, audience reach, the number of views, and loyal followers, thus setting the stage, and vigorously advancing you as a hit artist on the path to stardom.