Introduction: How to Organize Computer for School

Organization is the key to success! That's why you should have you computer organized and ready for school. No one wants a desktop full of random things!

Step 1: Making Folders

Making Folders to categorize documents and items are very important. 
Some common leftover items on the desktop are like single files of pictures and songs.
So folders that are usually key to make are:

-Games (most important)hehehe

Step 2: School Folder

If you have a lot of school related work, then i suggest you making a folder like this.

-School Year
----Semester/Marking Period
--------------Depending on what subject, you will have different sub categories in here.
--------------(For example, Science: sub- categories are: Homework, Labs, Notes)
--------------(Example #2: English: Homework, Final Copies, Drafts, etc)

Step 3: Drag 'em In!

Now just drag/move whatever belongs where. This is pretty much common sense if you know how to use a computer.

Step 4: And That's How You Stay Organized!

That is how you stay organized for school. And remember this...


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