Introduction: How to Organize Electronic Components

About: An electronic engineer

In this DIY Organiser I am going to show how I changed my messy table into a clean table by organising electronic components.

Step 1: How to Organize Electronic Components

Separate your electronic components into category and then Buy small containers to hold on smaller components or 3D print your Own containers.

Step 2: Edit Labels

After categorizing electronic components in to small containers label each containers with the respective names

Step 3: Get a Big Container

Get a big container in which it can hold all the small containers and other components which will make it comfortable for portability

Step 4: Arranging Raspberry Pi and Arduino

You can Organize all the Controllers and processors you have within the Larger container which will make it easy for future sorting and searching

Step 5: Bigger Container

Step 6: Including Thin Flims and Display in the Big Container

Step 7: Now Organising Every Thing in an Even Big Container

This Final step helps out simplifying the searching of components in messy work table and makes the table look a lot cleaner.

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