Introduction: How to Organize Your Math Binder.

In this instructable we will help you organize your math binder. you can change the order or layout of your folder this is just an example do what ever works for you.


For this instructable you will need a standard binder does not matter what size it is. You will also need. 8 divider folders and some standard lose leaf paper. Lastly you will need some little paper slips.

Step 1:

First take a paper slip and label it paper. Then slip the paper slip into the divider folders little tab.

Step 2:

It should look like this. After this put the folder in the binder.

Step 3:

Next take your loose leaf paper and put it behind the divider that says paper this is the paper that you can use in class.

Step 4:

next take another slip and label it warm ups. put it in a divider and stick it behind the paper.

Step 5:

take three more slips and label them class work homework and graded. The put them in any order but behind the folder that says warm up.

Step 6:

Lastly take three more dividers and label them quizzes tests and other. put your graded papers in the graded folder and your quizzes in the quizzes folder and tests in the tests folder.

Step 7:

This is what your binder should look like. Now your all set for a successful day in math class.