Introduction: How to Organize and Store Wrapping Paper

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Here is a very simple solution to organizing wrapping paper moving it out of the way and off the floor. It’s especially great for small spaces. Utilize the virtual space in your home, ie the walls to stow away the wrapping paper until it’s needed. Consider sorting the paper into categories such as Christmas, birthdays, baby shower etc.

1×3, cut to 12 in.


7/8″ – 1in. cup hooks




2 1/2" pocket screws

Step 1: Prepare Base

Cut the 1×3 to 12 inches. This can actually be cut to any desired size depending on the number of rolls you plan to store.

Drill 2 pocket holes at each end of the 1×3.

Step 2: Install the 1x3 and Hooks

In the wall were you plan on screwing in the 1×3 you may need to install at least 1 drywall anchor.Screw the 1×3 to the wall, Installing it into a stud. Given that studs are normally 16 inches apart you may have to screw the other screw into a wall anchor.Screw in 2 to 3 cup hooks above the 1×3 at least 12 inches apart, separating the j hooks by about 8 to 10 inches.

Step 3: Tighten It Up

Using the jute, tightly run the jute from one end to the next. The actual tension will be determined by the actual number of rolls you are going to be installing.

Step 4: Go From Cluttered Mess to Organized

Cut the excess string and load the wrapping paper onto the shelf. Note you can organize the wrapping paper per shelf by category such as Christmas or birthday or decorative.

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