Introduction: How to Pack Mavic 2 Fly More Bag

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The DJI Fly more bag is a great way to transport your Mavic 2. It has the smallest dimensions possible and makes all your things organized and easily accessible.

When you wanna pack it for the first time though, it might be a little difficult to fit everything in. Especially when you are little worried about your new Mavic 2 and don't wanna break it. Therefore we will have a look at how to do it properly.

Step 1: Drone In

Put the drone in the right pocket of the main compartment. The camera facing down and towards the inside wall. Be careful not to catch anywhere the propellers.

I have found that using the camera/gimbal cover is not necessary.

Step 2: Batteries In

Now put spare batteries on the bottom of the left pocket of the main compartment. Fit the batteries in on their sides.

Step 3: Controler and Charger

Close the flap over the batteries and put the controller and charger in.

Step 4: Close the Lid

You notice that the drone, as well as the controller, sticking out. It seems like it's not gonna fit. But the lid has a little a lip around so everything zips in perfectly.

Step 5: Front Pocket

This pocket is perfect for storing the set of spare propellers, the USB/USB-C cable for file transfer and the battery to power bank adapter.

Step 6: Top Mesh Pocket

This pocket is great for short cables(connecting the controller to a phone) and SD cards and SD card readers.

Step 7: Side Mesh Pockets

If you wanna take the charging hub and the car charger with you, they fit perfectly in those pockets. The only downside is that they are on the outside not protected from the weather conditions.

Step 8: Everything Is Packed

There you have it. Everything you need for using your Mavic 2 packed in the most convenient way.