Introduction: How to Paint Mandala Pillar Candle Light Holder

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In this instructable I have shared step by step tutorial on how to paint pillar candle holder with mandala art. This Candle light holder is 11 cms in length and the intricate mandala patterns lightens your home with beautiful color and peacefulness.


Gypsum Candle holder

Acrylic paints


Wooden Crochet hooks

Nail art Stylus


Step 1: Marking Guidelines

Step 1: Trace the candle base onto paper. Cut it and fold into multiple halfs so that we can find gridlines/partitions formed in the paper. Then place it on paper and trace it again and extend the guidenes on paper.

Step 2: PLace the candle onto paper and mark vertical lines.

Step 3: Stack higher objects such as books for horizontal guidelines

Have a look into youtube tutorial for detailed instructions on guidelines

Step 2: Designing 1st and 2nd Row

Step 1: Place 3 rows of golden dots

Step 2: Paint an elongated petal shaped design

Step 3: Designing 3rd and 4th Pattern

Step 1: Make tear drop swooshes in the centre and the design the other petals

Step 2: Draw tiny swooshes in the bottom

Step 3: Once you had enclosed the petals in swooshes move on to next step of painting petal shaped pattern and do swooshes in the either side of the petal

Step 4: Designing 5th Pattern

Step 1: Using the 3rd step technique of swooshes paint diamond shaped swooshes and finish the design

Please watch the video tutorial for detailed tips and tricks

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