How to Paint Your Guitar Simply




Introduction: How to Paint Your Guitar Simply

This is a guide for how to spray paint your guitar.

Step 1: The Guitar

You should start by having a guitar. I chose my Red Fender Stratocaster but wanted a more professional looking picture so I just took one from google images(they are basically the same thing).

Step 2: Disassembly

Next you want to disassemble your guitar and place all the parts in bags and keep track of what wires go where.

Step 3: Buffing

Next you want to sand your guitar if you want any paint to stick. Then following that step wash your guitar with water and leave it out to dry.

Step 4: Primer

You should now put primer on the body, wood primer works fine. This also helps the paint just fall off and keep it looking fresh. You're going to want it to dry for a day and go layer by layer and slowly. Letting it dry for five minutes after each coat. Do that about ten times at the absolute minimum and more if you just want to be safe.

Step 5: Paint

Now you can paint. I used spray paint and I would also recommend. I painted in a white color but you can obviously use what ever color you want. You want to follow the same steps with the pattern as the primer but this time you should let it dry for three days so the paint comes out normal.

Step 6: Finish

Now spray the finish on the guitar. Follow instructions on the can.

Step 7: Reassemble

Now slap that guitar back together and enjoy!

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    Who ever made this made it so comprehensible and fun. The must be a really great person even though I've never met them I feel like I have though. Thanks man for all the great times.

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    Great idea. Hanging it from a tree lets you spray paint all sides