Introduction: How to Paint a Cute, Decorative Ladybug

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Are you bored, wanting to paint, or to personalize a gift for someone? Try painting these cute ladybug rocks!! These stones are the perfect garden accessory and would make a great gift for anyone who loves ladybugs!

There are many other uses for these painted rocks: paperweights, teacher gifts, or you can add them into your home decor or garden. Seal them with clear coat paint, and they will have durability and long-lasting protection from weather elements.


  • Red acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Clear coat spray paint
  • Small-tipped paint brushes
  • Rock
  • Plastic bag

Step 1: Paint the Head Black

Using black paint, paint the front 1/3 of the rock, making sure the interior edge of the paint is a little rounded. Let the black paint dry.

Step 2: Paint the First Coat of Red

Next, on the portion of the rock that is still bare, use red to paint your first coat of the wing color, while being careful to not paint over the black. Wait for the coat to dry.

Step 3: Paint the Second Coat of Red

Using the same red, paint a second coat over the first coat of red and wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Paint the Wings

With pencil, lightly draw a line, which splits at the end, to separate the wings down the middle of the red section. Paint inside the lines, then again wait for it to finish drying.

Step 5: Paint Spots on the Right Wing

Using your paint brush to go in circular motions, paint black spots on the right wing.

Step 6: Paint Spots on the Left Wing

Now, repeat the same instructions as the last step, but do so on the left wing.

Step 7: Paint the White of the Eyes

Next, centered under the wing line, slowly paint two small, white circles.

Step 8: Paint the Eye Pupils

Choosing the direction you want them to be looking, paint one small black circle inside each of the white circles.

Step 9: Clear Coat the Ladybug

Put a small plastic bag underneath the rock to protect the surface you're spraying, then cover your ladybug with clear coat spray paint. Wait for it to cure before handling it.

Step 10: Finished Product!!

Congratulations, you finished your own ladybug! Have fun painting many more ladybugs for family and friends!

If you enjoyed painting the ladybugs, check out the picture above! You can try painting them on your own as well, or comment below if you want me to make an instructable on that one as well!

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