Introduction: How to Paint a Pumkin

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Hey guys today we are going to be learning how to paint a pumpkin. If you like this instructable(or even if you don't) please vote for me in the "Paint Challenge" 2020.


Step 1: Download Picture

The first thing to do is find a picture on google or edge or something like that, and then download it. To do this, just right click on the picture and click "save image as" and then type in the name.

Step 2: Measure Your Pumpkin

Next measure your pumpkin's height and width and wright it down. Need to do this so that you know ho big to print the template.

Step 3: Resize and Print Your Template

My pumpkin was about 11" tall and 8" wide so I am going to make my template about 6" by 6". Once you have resized your template, it is ready to print.

Step 4: Spray Paint the Background

Now it is time to spray paint the background of the pumpkin. Just do it the same way you would spray paint anything else: with short quick sweeping motions.

Step 5: Chalk the Back of the Template

While the spray paint is drying you can do the next step. Just cover the back of the printed template in chalk. make sure it is a color that will contrast with your background. I used white chalk.

Step 6: Trace the Template

Now, once the background paint is dry, tape the template onto the pumpkin in the least wrinkly way possible. you may have to do some relief cuts. Now, with a colored pen trace the inside and outside of all the lines in the picture.

Step 7: Pull Off the Paper.

pull off the template and voila, you have a perfect outline of your template chalked onto the pumpkin. I would recommend tracing the chalk in pencil so you can see it better. Just be very carful that you don't scratch the paint in the process.

Step 8: Poor the Paint

Shake the paint really well and then poor it out onto a paper plate. As you can see, I am using a very small brush and a very small amount of paint. I actually had most of it left at the end so no need to use a bunch.

Step 9: Paint the Pumkin

Now just paint the picture on your pumpkin. I don't have the steadiest of hands so mine didn't turn out great but hey, if only for the M on the hat, you can tell who it is..

Step 10: Fix the Background

Depending on what kind of tape you used to hold down the template, it probably ripped some of the background paint off the pumpkin. So to fix this just hold a scrap piece of cardboard in between the picture and the messed up spot and spray paint over the orange.

Step 11: Clear Coat It

Now your basically finished. Once everything is completely dry, wipe off all the chalk and apply a couple layers of clear coat the same way you applied the background.

Step 12: Finished

Congrats! Now you have a painted pumpkin. Once the clear coat is dry, move it to a place lots of people will see it and wait for the compliments to roll in. Thank you so much and remember to vote for this instructable in the "Paint Challenge" 2020.

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