Introduction: How to Paint the Terminator

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This instruction only provides an exhaustive painting process of the Terminator. And also I have recorded a video on youtube: for those who have never touched model paint.

You need a 3D printer first, then you could get this model from

Step 1: The Base Primer

Evenly spray a layer of grey & white primer both on the body and the head, so the color could stains more easily.

Step 2: Spraying the Shirt

Mix white & black with a little green in the paint thinner. Then slightly spray it on the shirt layer by layer.

Step 3: ​Delineate the Shadow Parts With Black

Step 4: Jacket Spraying

Modulate pure black with painting thinner, cover the jacket.

Step 5: Zipper Coloring

Convex zipper is easy to paint. A fine brush draw dabs of gold on the zipper.

Step 6: Skin Painting

This can almost be the most skillful step, to imitate human skin color really cost a considerable energy. You'd spray them layer by layer(from yellow to red) to create real skin color. To mix the first layer color: white, yellow and a little red. Keep spray until the pigment runs out.

Step 7: Keep It Real

Spray the face layer by layer until it begins to show a flesh color, every layer you need more red in the mixed pigment thinner. Concave need more red pigments.

Step 8: Under Color the Metallic Face

Every metallic part painting need a black base.

Step 9: Metallic Skeleton Paint

Carefully draw a layer of silver on the raised bareness.

Step 10: Blood Stain

To create a wounded effect we need to stain some blood(darken red) on the edge of the bare metallic part.

Step 11: Spray the Hair

Mix trifling white in the black. Then spray from the hair marginal. Darken the gaps with black, highlight several silver hair, finally embellish some details, our pop appearance comes out.

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