Introduction: How to Pair a Xbox One Controller to a Windows 10 Laptop.

You will need:

Xbox Controller

Windows 10 Laptop


Here are the supplies you need for this project.

Step 1: Make Sure You Have Windows 10.

Start off by making sure you have Windows 10 by clicking the windows logo at the bottom and clicking the settings button.

Step 2: Click the System Tab.

Then click the system tab and scroll all the way down to the about tab.

Step 3: Scroll Down to See That It's Windows 10.

With that you will then scroll all the way down and see that its windows 10.

Step 4: Grab Your Xbox Controller.

Step 5: Go to the Toolbar.

Then go to the toolbar on the bottom left and press the Windows logo.

Step 6: Click on the Settings Button.

After you do that click the settings button.

Step 7: Click on Devices.

Then you will click on Devices.

Step 8: Click Bluetooth and Other Devices Tab.

Now click Bluetooth and other devices tab.

Step 9: Make Sure Your Bluetooth Is On.

Step 10: Click Add Bluetooth and Other Devices.

Step 11: Now Click the Bluetooth Button Tab.

Step 12: Grab Xbox Controller and Hold the Xbox Logo Button Until It Starts to Flash.

Step 13: Hold Down the Button on the Top of the Controller.

Step 14: Hold It Down Until You See Xbox (Wireless) Controller.

Step 15: Once You See It You Can Let Go of the Button and Press on Tab That Says Xbox (Wireless) Controller.

Once you see it you can let go of the button and press on tab that says Xbox (Wireless) Controller.

Step 16: It Will Then Say Paired and You’re All Set and Ready to Use.