Introduction: How to Perfect the Jump Shot

A very good skill to have when playing the game of basketball is to have an exceptional jump shot. Technique and form play a huge roll in how successful the jump shot is. The steps provided below give you a very good overview of that technique and form.

Step 1: Athletic Position

The first step in being an excellent shooter is to get yourself in an athletic position. Being in this position time after time will get you a quicker release and a great form time after time.

Step 2: Bend Your Knees

The next step is to bend your knees. Bending your knees gives the shot more arc and some extra power to get the ball to the rim.

Step 3: Keep the Ball Close

On the way up to your shot, it is good to keep the ball close to the body as it will give you a little space from the defender and it will give the shot a good backspin.

Step 4: Elbow Bent

Keeping the elbow bent will not only give the shot great backspin but, will give it good arc and a better chance of going in the hoop.

Step 5: Arm Locked

Once the shot has been released, locking the elbow will give it a better push on the ball and it is a great follow through.

Step 6: Pointer to Thumb

With this follow through it will give great backspin but also provide the shot with great capability of going in the hoop.

Step 7: The Perfect Jump Shot