Introduction: How to Perfectly Apply a Screen Protector

Screen protectors for phones and tablets can be some of the most frustrating accessories to apply properly. It seems virtually impossible to combine perfect placement, with removing every bubble. The worst part is that you have one try to get it perfect, or the screen protector is ruined completely. This instruction set however, will outline a fool proof method of applying a screen protector with little hassle, and leave you with a device 100% free of bubbles. This method works for any type of screen protector on the market, even tempered glass if that is a preference. Some screen protectors include instructions, and call for wetting the screen protector before application, however I have found these awkward to install and prefer the method outlined here.

Step 1: Initial Device Cleaning

Find yourself a large dust-free platform to work on such as a table or desk. I would recommend this be done indoors, and in an environment free of wind (ie. don't have a fan blowing on your work space). Remove your device from any protective case it is in, and using a micro-fiber cloth vigorously cleanse your screen from finger prints and smudges. Don't worry about every dust particle being removed, this stage is only a rough cleanse to remove the big clearly visible things. Sometimes smudges can be hard to remove, so you can apply small amounts of moisture to aid you by breathing on the screen as you would when cleaning eye-glasses. Micro-fiber cloths are often included in screen protector packaging, or can be purchased at many electronics stores. I would not recommend using tissue or paper towels to clean the screen, since you will more than likely leave behind excessive amounts of cloth particles.

Step 2: Remove Screen Protector From Packaging

Remove your screen protector from the packaging, and discern which side of the protector is up. Do not remove the protective film on the sticky side until later. Hold the screen protector on the left side, in the orientation that it will be installed on the device. Take two pieces of scotch tape about an inch long, and place them on the right side of the screen protector, with half of it on and the other half sticking off the edge. Sometimes rectangular stickers are provided in the packaging of the protector, these can also be used in place of the tape. Refrain from using any kinds of tape that leave behind a sticky mess when removed, because the tape will be needing to stick to your phone in the next step.

Step 3: Orient Screen Protector

With the protective film still on the underside, place the screen protector on your phone and line it up perfectly. Leaving the protective film on allows the screen protector to slide easier to achieve alignment. Use any cutouts on the screen protector to help with alignment, and take care that it is fully on the screen to create a perfect seal around the entire edge once applied. Once the desired position is found, hold it in place while wrapping the two pieces of tape around the back of the device to secure the screen protector in place. Be sure to wrap the tape tightly so the protector can not shift positions once you release it.

Step 4: Secondary Device Cleaning

Now that the screen protector is secured in place, you can flip it over to expose your device's screen. Using a microfiber cloth, clean the screen again to remove any dust particles that may have accumulated again. Then, taking a piece of tape or the stickers provided, lift off all particles left behind by the cloth as a lint roller would do. Simply hold the tape at one end and apply it to the screen and remove it repeatedly all over the device. The stickiness of the tape will not leave anything behind on the devices screen, and leave it as clean as can possibly be. It is important that there are no particles left on the screen, because they will become trapped under the protector, and prevent it from adhering to the screen where the dust is leaving behind bubbles that can not be removed.

Step 5: Apply Screen Protector

Now that your device is perfectly clean its time to apply the protector. With the screen protector still flipped to the side and fastened by the tape, remove the protective film carefully, making sure the tape stays in place. Quickly flip it over onto your device, while keeping tension on the tape. The tape will ensure that it lands in position perfectly. Remove the pieces of tape being careful not to accidentally lift the screen protector off the device again causing possible dust to get underneath.Then slowly peel off the front cover of the screen protector.

Step 6: Remove Bubbles

Applying the screen protector with this method, will make some bubbles appear on the screen. However since no dust is trapped underneath, they are very easy to completely remove. Take the plastic squeegee included in the packaging, or a credit card and push the bubbles to the nearest edge. Some bubbles may require more force to remove but don't be afraid to apply some pressure, your screen is being protected.