Introduction: How to Perform 5 Drills for Ultimate Fitness

Fitness is what everyone seeks nowadays but not everyone knows how to achieve it. There are many fitness drills and exercises which people perform but due to various reasons, they fail to get a fit and smart body. Irregularity, wrong method of performing and overworking are a few reasons why people can’t get fit.

Here are the top 5 drills and workouts, performing which, you can get fit, smart and strong in no time.

Step 1: Push Ups:

Push Ups are a very effective way of improving your body fitness level. Performing them regularly can build your muscles and make you stronger and smarter in a short period of time. Your upper body gets tougher by performing push ups. You don’t need much space to perform this workout. You can perform it at home too. Moreover, you don’t need to buy any equipment for performing it. While performing this workout, your chest, abdominal, shoulder and arms muscles get stressed which makes them sturdier and better. You may not be able to perform them well in the beginning but you’ll definitely perform them in an appropriate way once you get used to them.

How to perform (One Repetition):

1 – Lie upside down on the ground.

2 – Place your hands and toe tips on the ground with your arms stretched such that your torso is wide apart from the ground.

3 – Now lower your body slowly till it nearly touches the ground.

4 – Lift the body up again with the help of your arms.

Step 2: Pull Ups:

Pull Ups are also one of the most effectual exercises for improved fitness. All you need for this drill is a pull up bar, which is easily available in the market and on online stores at considerably low prices. This exercise improves your cardiovascular and muscular health in a good way. There are enough variations for you to perform pull ups. Performing pull ups is quite difficult if you are a beginner but slowly and steadily, you’ll be able to do it very well. No matter how less number of pull ups you do each day, you must not back off and stay motivated to get the best results very soon.

How to perform (One Repetition):

1 – Hold a pull up bar firmly with both your hands. (The width between your hands and their position depends on the type of pull up exercise you want to perform).

2 – Now, using your arms, lift your body up till your face reaches above the bar.

3 – Lower yourself a bit, such that your face gets below the bar.

Step 3: Cycling:

Cycling is another efficient workout for a knockout body. One good
bike is all that you need to perform this exercise. Bicycles may be a bit expensive, depending on quality and features. Learning how to cycle is not a tough task and performing this exercise regularly is enjoyable and beneficial. Your leg muscles improve significantly by performing this exercise. You can perform it on the roads as well as in parks where there are separate tracks for cycling. The latter is preferable as it is safer and more convenient.

How to perform:

1 – Sit on a bike and hold the handles firmly with one of your feet on the paddle.

2 – Using your foot, apply force on the paddle such that it moves in a forward and control the direction of the bicycle using the handle. (Make sure that you can use brake whenever you want to).

Step 4: Squat Throws – Medicine Balls:

Squat Throw is also a good exercise for getting fit. A medicine ball
is what you need to perform this exercise. Medicine balls are available easily at reasonable rates in different weights. Select the one which you can lift without getting overburdened and use it to perform this exercise on regular basis.

How to perform (One Repetition):

1 – Grab a medicine ball strongly in both your hands.

2 – Assume that you’re sitting on a chair and position your body likewise.

3 – Get ready to jump.

4 – Jump as high as you can.

5 – Throw the ball up as you reach the top.

6 – Catch it or not, it’s your call.

Step 5: Crunches:

Crunches are one of the best drills for improving your health and fitness in an efficient way. You need nothing to perform this exercise and you can perform it in quite a little space with a medicine ball as well. It is basically performed for getting perfect six packs. Performing this workout daily can help you improve your body’s core muscles in no time.

How to perform (One Repetition):

1 – Lie down flat on the ground

2 – Place your hands together behind your head.

3 – Now lift your head and torso up at the same time using your arms and hands.

4 – Now gradually and slowly, get back to the previous position.

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