Introduction: How to Perform a Sombrero Flick

If you have ever played a game of soccer, you know how difficult it is to dribble past a defender. Having access to a few tricks and skill moves with the ball at your feet could be the difference between having a good chance to score and giving the ball to the other team.

(These instructions are intended for people who have any experience playing soccer.)


Soccer Ball

Soccer Cleats*

*Shoes are not needed to complete this move but in a real game of soccer, cleats or shoes are necessary

Step 1: Positioning

The key to performing this trick is the positioning of your body.

1. Place your dominant foot about a half inch to an inch behind the ball.

2. Have your non-dominant foot placed slightly behind your body with a bent knee.

The final body position should look like a staggered stance with your weaker leg placed behind the ball.

Step 2: Lifting the Ball

After your body is in the correct position, the next step is to lift the ball.

1. From your current position, get into a slight squat position.

2. From the squat position, keep your dominant foot planted in the ground while you hop forward with your weak leg. The heel of your weak foot should be even with the middle of the soccer ball upon landing.

3. Once your non-dominant leg is even with your other leg (while it is still completing the hop), lift your bent dominant leg directly upwards. This should lift the ball upwards to a level that is around your waist level and the momentum from the hop should push the ball in front of you.

*If the ball is not being lifted, try positioning your dominant feet closer to the ball

Disclaimer: Make sure to keep your dominant leg in the same position (with a slightly bent knee and the foot perpendicular to the calf) throughout all parts of Step 2. This will allow for the ball to be properly lifted in preparation for Step 3.

Step 3: The Kick and Turn

After lifting the ball up to waist level, the final step of this trick can be properly completed.

1. While the ball is in the air, straighten out your dominant leg and make contact with the ball.*

*Make sure to keep your dominant foot perpendicular to your calf throughout this step. This will allow the ball to be kicked over your head and over your defenders head as opposed to kicking the ball forward or straight up in the air.

**Also make sure to not put any power into kicking the ball in this step. The power needed to elevate the ball and give it distance past your defender is provided by the momentum gained from the hop with your non-dominant leg.

2. Once contact is made with the ball, stabilize your body by putting your dominant leg on the ground again.

3. Once balance is gained, turn to your right or left (depending on the positioning of your defender) and sprint past your defender towards the bouncing ball.

The move is complete.