Introduction: How to Perform an Oil Change

This is a basic instruction sheet for how to perform an oil change.


Read all instructions prior to beginning procedure and follow each step in order. The vehicles exhaust, as well as the other components under the vehicle, and the engine oil may be hot. Always use caution when performing an oil change.

Step 1: Gather Needed Tools

Gather tools needed (oil, oil filter, oil drip pan, floor jack, jack stands, funnel, ratchet and socket or wrench for oil drain plug, oil filter pliers and paper towels.) Check owners manual for oil type, capacity, filter type and the jack locations for your vehicle.

Step 2: Jack Your Vehicle

Jack vehicle with floor jack and place jack stands under the vehicle. Ensure that the vehicle is secured on the jack stands.

Step 3: Oil Cap

Open the hood, remove the oil cap, place somewhere that you will not loose it.

Step 4: Drain Oil

Locate the drain plug and place the oil pan under it. Remove the oil plug and allow the oil to drain entirely. After the oil is drained, place the oil pan under the oil filter, remove it and allow the remaining oil to drain.

Step 5: Install Oil Filter and Plug

Apply a thin coating of oil on the seal of the new oil filter. Install oil filter hand tight plus a quarter turn with oil filter pliers. Replace the drain plug so that it is finger tight, plus a quarter to half turn.

Step 6: Add Oil

Once the oil filter and drain plug are installed, add oil using a funnel. Replace the oil fill cap. Remove tools and oil drain pan from under the vehicle. Remove jack stands and lower vehicle off of floor jack and remove.

Step 7: Check Oil

Wait five minutes for the oil to settle in the engine. Remove oil dipstick and wipe it off with a rag. Reinstall it and remove it to accurately check your oil. Oil level should be between the add and full lines near full. If it is not add oil and check again until it is. Reinstall dipstick.

Step 8: Final Checks

Start vehicle, check for oil pressure and let run for a few minutes. Check under vehicle for leaks. Shutoff vehicle and check oil level again. Record oil change. Follow the instructions for your vehicle for resetting the oil change light if this feature is installed on your vehicle.